Wood from sustainable forestry

As a carpenter, wood is a material particularly close to my heart. The wood I use is carefully checked for its suitability at the wholesale supplier and is then dried with a lot of peace and quiet. If possible, they are sourced regionally and have high quality standards.

speaker chassis

The focus here is on quality and sound.
The manufacturers have years of experience in the development and production of loudspeaker chassis. In the case of the woofers, they are even manufactured in Germany.


The electronics are kept as simple as possible without missing out on important functions.
This enables a high quality of the components. At the same time, unnecessary components that could become obsolete or defective are avoided.

sheep wool

The wool for acoustic damping inside the speaker is sourced from a local sheep farm. This alternative to polyester is not only biologically but also sonically ahead.

Wood composite material

The wood composite material can be machined very precisely and is perfect for the user-friendly control panel.

Oil and wax

Only natural oils and waxes are used for an environmentally friendly and easy-to-maintain finish.

epoxy resin

Thanks to the resin, wood can also be used that would otherwise have to end up in the fireplace due to cracks or knots.


Felt provides a good and secure stand for the speakers.
It shields against vibrations and protects the cabinet and the base.


Special tubes made of impregnated cardboard are used for the bass reflex channels.

mounting material

Without different sealants, the enclosure would not be completely closed and without screws there would be no hold.


The cardboard and paper tape are fully recyclable.
The untreated wood wool can even be reused to light the fireplace or to wrap the next gift.

The linen bag is hand-sewn in Germany and will always provide protection from scratches in the future.