Made by hand, finished with love

Every speaker from Bertin Audio is an original.
Handcrafted with passion and supported by modern manufacturing techniques. The result is a loudspeaker that is as unique as its owner.


The special character and the structure of the wood are underlined by the design of the cabinet. The design was developed with the utmost care and forms the basis for a balanced sound image and a stunning appearance.


Special attention is paid to a fine, detailed reproduction. This includes crystal-clear highs and a full-blown bass foundation, which can be adjusted to the listening situation. One loudspeaker alone plays room-filling and offers everything that belongs to a high level listening pleasure.


The operation is kept as simple as possible. Once the speaker is switched on, the volume and bass can be adjusted to the situation and your own needs. The Bluetooth connection works reliably and when an external audio signal arrives at the speaker, it switches automatically.


Perfect Stereo sound

A digital sound module inside the speaker, as well as four power amplifiers with 30W each, ensure a clear, room-filling sound and excellent omnidirectional radiation characteristics.

Bluetooth 5.0 AptX

Streaming music in CD quality is possible and of course the standard at Bertin-Audio. And for those who don't want to miss the CD or LP, the AUX input is always available.

Flexible AUX input

For those who prefer to listen to CD or LP, this is the option. But Wi-Fi streamers or TVs can also be connected and turn your speaker into a multi-room masterpiece.

Bass enhancement

The bass level can be continuously adapted to the listening environment and habits. This means that the speaker always sounds perfect, whether at work, listening to a podcast in the kitchen or listening to your favourite music in the living room.

Selected materials

I try to operate as sustainable as possible, sourcing raw materials locally and being environmentally conscious with these resources.

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Thread for photo tripod

Of course, a speaker like this doesn't want to disappear on the shelf, but rather conquer the room.
That's why the speakers have a 1/4" threaded socket to mount photo tripods.

Customer reviews

The speaker has become my daily companion in the office and also spreads a wonderful mood after work.

Ben B.

The dynamics and clarity of the sound are incredible and match the high-quality appearance.

Holger R.